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Blackwell Global rating on Trust Pilot
I can highly recommend Blackwell Global. I have traded with a number of brokers, and Blackwells STP model along with excellent customer service has been the best broker I have found yet. They were even able to accommodate me with a lower leverage to lower my risk :) (Trust me it easy to find a broker who will increase your leverage) Blackwell went the extra mile to accommodate my conservative risk profile.
Top quality broker!

More than 8 months trading, have no problem, fast withdrawing profit to my bank account (it's about 1-2 days). Brillant relationship managers, very honest, helpful support. Very fast execution, very good services.

If you want a serious broker with serious regulation and the best safety of funds this is the spot.
Opening of my account and upgrade to professional status went fast and smoothly. Customer support is professional and helpful. Execution and spread are excellent. I like the fact that Blackwell is regulated broker.
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Global Business Outlook
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Wealth & Finance
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Welcome to Blackwell Global

Blackwell Global operates across a range of jurisdictions, please see the options below.
Please see below the protections you'll waive by not continuing to the UK website.
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Best Execution

Protections you'll keep

Blackwell Global will ensure to always act in the best interest of our clients by offering a best excution policy across our wide range of trading products

Segregated Account

Clients funds will be stored in segregated client money accounts, we ensure security of funds With tier 1 banking parnters.

Balance Protection

Blackwell Global will uphold our commitment to clients by offering negative balance protection.

Leverage Restriction

You will not be protected by the leverage caps for retail clients under the FCA UK entity for CFD trading. 200:1 is the maximum leverage under our global entity. The protection of 1:30 is the maximum leverage under our UK entity

Restriction on Incentives
Restriction on Incentives

Clients and partners will not be protected by FCA restrictions on Incentives to retail clients and traders, Under our FCA entity no trading incentives may be offered.

Protections you'll waive